BorderLayout (LayoutManagers)

The LayoutManagers are used to arrange components in a particular manner. LayoutManager is an interface that is implemented by all the classes of layout managers. There are following classes that represents the layout managers:

  1. java.awt.BorderLayout
  2. java.awt.FlowLayout
  3. java.awt.GridLayout
  4. java.awt.CardLayout
  5. java.awt.GridBagLayout
  6. javax.swing.BoxLayout
  7. javax.swing.GroupLayout
  8. javax.swing.ScrollPaneLayout
  9. javax.swing.SpringLayout etc.

Constructors of GridLayout class

The GridLayout is used to arrange the components in rectangular grid. One component is displayed in each rectangle.

  1. GridLayout(): creates a grid layout with one column per component in a row.
  2. GridLayout(int rows, int columns): creates a grid layout with the given rows and columns but no gaps between the components.

Example of GridLayout class:

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