Java Applet

Applet is a special type of program that is embedded in the webpage to generate the dynamic content. It runs inside the browser and works at client side.

Advantage of Applet

Plugin is required at client browser to execute applet.

There are many advantages of applet. They are as follows:

As displayed in the above diagram, Applet class extends Panel. Panel class extends Container which is the subclass of Component.

Lifecycle of Java Applet

  1. Applet is initialized.
  2. Applet is started.
  3. Applet is painted.
  4. Applet is stopped.
  5. Applet is destroyed.

Lifecycle methods for Applet:

The java.applet.Applet class 4 life cycle methods and java.awt.Component class provides 1 life cycle methods for an applet.

java.applet.Applet class

For creating any applet java.applet.Applet class must be inherited. It provides 4 life cycle methods of applet.

  1. public void init(): is used to initialized the Applet. It is invoked only once.
  2. public void start(): is invoked after the init() method or browser is maximized. It is used to start the Applet
  3. public void stop() is used to stop the Applet. It is invoked when Applet is stop or browser is minimized.
  4. public void destroy(): public void destroy():

java.awt.Component class

public void paint(Graphics g): is used to paint the Applet. It provides Graphics class object that can be used for drawing oval, rectangle, arc etc.

How to run an Applet?

There are two ways to run an applet

  1. By HTML
  2. By applet Viewer


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